Why you should consider buying in Nashville

Nashville is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country over the last decade. It seems as if everybody from every state is moving here! The boom in this city has been tremendous. Beyond just being considered Music City, Nashville is known for it’s sport teams, barbecue, schools, churches, a great job market while maintaining a cost of living, which is comparatively low for other large cities.


Nashville is growing rapidly every day boasting the third fastest growing economy in the United States as of 2017. Nashville is home to the second largest music production center behind New York City, and the music production industry brings in over 50,000 jobs a year. Nashville is also the hottest housing market in the United States! Compared to other cities, Nashville also has one of the lowest unemployment rates. If you are looking for a first job or a place to continue your career path, I would really consider looking into Nashville.


If you are a sports fan like me, then Nashville is the place to come. Nashville has a professional hockey team, a professional football team, a college football team, a minor league baseball team, and regularly hosts college tournaments and college bowl games, such as the SEC Basketball Championship.  Nashville is nicknamed “Smashville” because of the Nashville Predators who are a member of the National Hockey League (NHL).  The fans here in Nashville are some of the most passionate fans I have ever seen. There is nothing more exciting than to watch the Preds play at home in Bridgestone Arena! Also, Nashville is a huge football city, given it is the home of the Tennessee Titans. You can attend just about any sport event here in Nashville. If you have a family and want to get your kids involved with sports then Nashville is the place to be.


Nashville is not nicknamed Music City for nothing! Entertainment is a big reason why Nashville is a huge tourist attraction. Nashville has some of the best entertainment in the United States. Downtown Broadway is one of them!  If you like going bar hoping and hanging out with friends then you will love downtown Broadway. Nashville is also home to many great concerts. Venues throughout Nashville hosts shows just about every weekend. You can also enjoy live music downtown any day of the week. The buzz in this city is outstanding. You will never get bored!


Food is probably my favorite thing about Nashville. Although barbeque might be the first thing that Nashville brings to mind, there is so much more! Nashville has so countless varieties of restaurants. I grew up in the New Jersey and New York area so I have been to my share of restaurants, but Nashville is truly number one when it comes to food. They have great steakhouses, as well as many family owned, unique spots, and restaurants in every category of food you could dream of.

Family Friendly

Nashville is great for families! It is a huge reason why my family and I moved here eleven years ago. Nashville is full of great neighborhoods with a lot of great families. Nashville also has great school system. Both the public and private schools in the Nashville area are top notch. They are some of the best in the United States. Nashville is the entertainment city, which is a great place to get your children involved in schools, groups, churches, and numerous other activities. Finally, Nashville hospitality cannot be beat, making Nashville an ultra-welcoming place, which is an especially important factor when deciding where to make your new home.

Nashville is truly one of the best places to live in the United States. You get the best of everything! If you want good food, good entertainment, and a great job then come to Nashville. Reach out to me and let me find you your dream home in a great neighborhood! Let’s do this!

You can reach me directly at 615-478-1328 or send me an email: austin.anderson@parksathome.com

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