Why you should hire a real estate agent, like myself?

Realtors are not just agents that help you buy or sell a home; they are professionals at what they do! Realtors spend countless days and nights looking over market conditions, searching the Multiple Listing Service, and making sure that they satisfy their clients’ needs. Below are three reasons you should hire an agent:

We are professionals. Buying and selling homes can be very complicated. There are countless forms and disclosures to fill out. We, as your agent, help you get the best deal possible and also help avoid costly mistakes. We also know the market very well, and we are familiar with different neighborhoods and school zones in the area. We have all the tools and resources to make sure you get the house of your dreams and you get best selling price possible!

It can save you time. Selling and buying houses is basically a full-time job! When you are working and providing for your kids, real estate agents come along and make your life a whole lot easier. They put in the work everyday to make sure your needs are met. I can’t imagine having a job and also having to search for homes, holding open houses, or trying to advertise your property, it’s impossible. We “as agents”, can save you a lot of time!

We have experience. We do this every day. Every morning when we get up till we go to bed, we are studying the market and satisfying clients’ needs. We have been trained countless hours on real estate. We have passed our exams and also continue to complete continuing education classes. We are professionals in this field! For example, if your toilet is leaking, are you going to fix it yourself or hire a plumber? I hope a plumber! It’s the same thing with real estate! Our experience is very valuable and worth the cost involved!

I am here to help you buy or sell!

Phone: (615)-478-1328

Email: Austin.anderson@parksathome.com

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