My Story

Hello, my name is Austin Anderson.

I have always wanted to become real estate agent. I love building relationships with people and have connected with people all over the globe. Personally, I have made several significant moves—from New Jersey to Nashville to Birmingham and finally back to Nashville—which pointed me to fulfilling a career in real estate. I really love to make people happy and work hard in order to ensure that both my family and client’s needs are met.

I was born in New York City, and I am a quadruplet—three boys and one girl!
I also have a younger brother. My life growing up was very fun but also very
competitive, which has motivated me to achieve success in my career. I never wanted to lose anything, and I mean nothing! We played every sport imaginable growing up, whether it was in the backyard, in the gym, or on a field. My family lived in New Jersey until I attended high school. After graduating eighth grade, my family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where I attended Brentwood Academy. While there, I competed on the baseball team and participated in several organizations. Following high school, I went on to graduate from Samford University, which is located in Birmingham, Alabama. I then moved home to Nashville to begin my career.

I am passionate about many things. Some of the things I really enjoy are
cooking, sports, and just building new connections. I am a really big Michigan
Wolverines fan and also a Yankees fan. When I am not working, you can likely
find me either watching a game or learning a new recipe. The reason I started
this blog was to highlight the best places this wonderful city has to offer. I
am very passionate about this city, and I want to connect you all with the best
attractions that Nashville has to offer. I cannot wait to connect with you all!

One thought on “My Story

  1. Cappy, I am so very proud of you! You are one of the happiest, kindest and hardworking young men around town. I know that you will be very successful in finding your clients their dream home!


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